The ScottiSH AMerican story

The story begins back in 2013 and it’s fair to say we’ve come a long, long way since then. We’ve grown from a small start-up to one
of the Americas fastest growing insurance companies.

Scottish American was founded by Paul Thomson, in his kitchen, in Boston. In 2009. No family help, no inherited money, in fact in debt, Paul went out
and met with any rich people he could find….and 15 of them ended up being a great match, they’re the investors. 

Scotland invented golf, and whisky and capitalism. Then America made them better. It’s in our DNA to be inventive and capitalistic. We’re a mix of the best small country in the world and the best big one. It’s our recipe for awesome sauce.

We have an ambition to create an organization where great people can shape their job around their lives, not the other way around. We invest heavily in our people, professionally, emotionally and commitment wise. We are all about our team.

We have no president, no CEO…..we have a Chief Gopher. That’s Paul. And it demonstrates what we stand for. We don’t have a hierarchy. Job titles are dumb, so everyone makes up their own. That’s because what you do counts, not what it says on paper that you are supposed to do. We empower our people. We invest in, actively manage, and grow privately held insurance distribution businesses..Where awesome people can spend the rest of their careers.

Our history is one of fast growth and constant innovation. And while our business has changed dramatically, there’s one thing that’s remained the same throughout the years: our working culture.