A Destination

We're always looking for the best minds and brightest talent to drive our businesses forward. That's why we're keen to recruit the very best graduates to key roles throughout the company. We're after people who don't seek hierarchy, who want to take responsibility and who seek out and thrive on challenges.

Scottish American is hiring for its Enlightenment program, a 3 year work and education program that will allow participants to take the fast path to career success. 

The average age of an insurance broker is 58. It's a fantastic time to get into the industry....and change how it works. That's what we've started to do, but we're looking for smart, driven, go getters, who see how the world should be, not how it is and are excited about taking responsibility. 

Our 3 year program includes

  • Qualifying as firstly a broker, then professionally qualifying as an  AU, then as a CPCU (the insurance industry main qualifications)
  • Rotating between our different departments to learn the full make up of our team and understanding each role
  • Annual 2 day retreat with our founder 
  • Annual training in leadership with Harvard Business School Professors
  • 2 weeks of training visits with our partners at locations throughout the US
  • A month traveling to different offices visiting various teams to learn distinct approaches
  • A trip to Lloyds of London to celebrate graduation.
  • Dedicated mentor to guide your career development
When you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask which seat, you just get on......
So what are you waiting for?


"I love it here, my responsibilities have increased dramatically over the past 3 years"




I don't think anyone else has it this good in our industry, energetic staff, challenging work environment and an office keg."



"Annual get togethers on each coast, classes on focused on improving an employees skill set, what more could you ask for?."